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Why Intimate Wedding?

Intimate Wedding – With the pandemic still going on, the term “intimate wedding” is surfacing back in the trend. Especially when the government restrictions around the wedding industry is tight, you’ll need to consider reducing your guest counts to comply. But there’s no doubt that the wedding industry is evolving as well to cope with […]


Refresh – /rəˈfreSH/“Give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate” Forcing ourselves to be creative can leads us to a dead-end sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s been six years since Iluminen had been running in the wedding industry. Countless weddings had been captured and millions of shutters were tripped. It can […]

Staying Fresh on Ideas

The Notion of Staying Fresh – The ingenious inventor, the innovative scientist, the imaginative writer, the savvy entrepreneur… It doesn’t matter what our field or area of expertise is, there will come a moment in time where you’re really stuck for fresh ideas. It can be hard sometimes to keep up with the trends and […]

Best of Iluminen 2019

Best of Iluminen 2019 – Seasons were creeping by and without us realizing, another chapter of our book had been closed. Gulping down on a piping hot espresso while strolling down the small alleys of Amsterdam-centrum; icy winds numbed our hands and tongue slightly burnt, but that’s alright. People say that we should never look […]

Best of Iluminen 2018

Best of Iluminen 2018 – Lazy dusty days drifting by slowly without notice. Basked in the warm sunlight, caressing down the layers of our skin. Enjoying a sip of Whiskey with a saying in mind: Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough. While looking back to 2018, we’ll definitely need […]

Why We Prefer Natural Compared to Posed Photos?

UNPOSED – Passionate kisses and warm – comforting hugs never fail to bring out the best of every couple’s true connection. Strolling around the street, hand-in-hand in every direction of the sunrays with genuine smiles painted on their faces are all the things that will bring the true characters onto the photographs. Believe it or […]

GWG – Green Wedding Guide

GREEN WEDDING Weddings should be one of the most special days of our life, but unfortunately without realising it can also be one of the biggest contributors of environmental waste. Thus, in honor of “Plastic Free July”, a global movement that aim to dramatically reduces plastic use, we rounded some simple ways to host a […]