Kathleen & Samuel | Connection Session | Bedugul Garden

Bedugul Prewedding–A seed in his mind, some tiny particle of thought that bears a remnant of her. Little by little, day by day, he finds himself thinking of her.Somewhere between the sand and the sky, through every

About Iluminen


We are a team of quirky wedding photographers based in Bali and Jakarta. As a visual storyteller, we value the simplicity of raw emotion and candid intimacy. Your story is the heart of our photograph. We appreciate every little details, and we strive to create deep connection in the beautiful imagery that we captured.

From the grand scenes to the gentle touch, it is important for us to not only illustrate the beginning of your journey as husband and wife in the form of images but also memories that forever preserved in a timeless manner. Let’s start an adventure and create something beautiful together.