About Iluminen


We are a team of passionate wedding photographers and videographers who are based in Bali, Jakarta, & Singapore. As a visual storyteller, we value the simplicity of raw emotion and candid intimacy. Your story is the heart of our photograph.

From the grand scenes to the gentle touch. Let’s start on a journey and create something beautiful together.



I love the wild trees. I read books over unhealthy dose of Americano while listening to vintage jazz tunes of Chet Baker, Miles Davis. I love to go on a road trip; driving with windows roll down, chilly wind blows your hair, cooking dinner and sipping tea at night. I believe in living life to the fullest and finding happiness in the little things.

Personally, I never thought of being a photographer. But looking back when I was a kid, I always fascinated by those analogue film cameras in the antique glass cabinet at my Grandpa’s house.

Let me tell your story through my lens, in the most honest and purest way. Let me capture stolen kisses that you shared under the starry summer sky, or the way you cringed at each other’s joke with hands entwined together in the midst of winter breeze. I cannot promise you a flawless and pretty picture, but I hope these photographs will bring the good time back when you are 50!

Hi, I’m Indra and I would love to meet you!



Held my first camera when I was 6 years old and who ever thought that it will be the start of a grand adventure. It started just like any other ordinary hobby. But as I dive into it, I found a way to express myself by creating honest and timeless images from raw moments. I like it that way.. real and not staged. It is always rewarding to see an ear-to-ear smile, happy tears & joyous laughters from the people that I photograph, also to be able to travel around the world to capture unique moments and gain new experiences.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Just like I wouldn’t trade a simple warm cup of Mocha in the chilly morning, or a night spent with my favorite people over a bottle of Moscato. “Live like today is your last day” and I believe it’s best done with laughter and a lot of pleasant food.



Imagine turning a hobby into a lifelong passion. For me, capturing authentic moments between two honest souls surely keep me going in this journey. From the time I first held my camera, I always believe things will eventually fall into place as we adjourn on this adventure called life. This isn’t only about making art, it’s about simply creating a time machine of your journey side-by-side; hand-in-hand. I have always love capturing the in-betweens of life where memories are built. So, let me tell your story through my vision, where you can carry them for the rest of your life full-heartedly.

Yurica & Santo | Wedding Day | The Capella Singapore Wedding

The Capella Singapore Wedding – “You were such a beautiful discovery.  A life-altering treasure. An unexplainable force that drove my heart to bow to love. Your name has become

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