Aristo & Tania | Wedding Day | Capetown

Passage Capetown Wedding

Vinsy & Dandy| Connection Session | Sumba

Sumba Prewedding

The definition of picture perfect is life surrounded by vast green hill and accompanied by the summer delight. The wind settles like blossoms of chamomile, on open fits; beautifully and tranquil.

Leave your arms and hearts wide open as though your soul must be filled, with this calmness brewing in Sumba.

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Sumba Prewedding

Angie & Febyan | Wedding Day | Amanjiwo, Magelang

Amanjiwo Wedding

In that still and settled place, there’s nobody quite like them. When the world feels full of noise, he saw his peace within her eyes. Eventually in those moments, he finally found a place to call home. No questions needed anymore.

And that is enough.

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Amanjiwo Wedding

Teresa & Evan | Connection Session | Mount Cook, New Zealand

Mount Cook Prewedding

Loving someone feels like wandering into chaos and calling it beautiful. It feels like seeing things for the first time and seeing them whole while knowing that they are unapologetically perfect. 

To love is not to possess, to own or imprison, nor to lose one’s self in another. It is finally to be able to be who we really are. It is to be perfectly one’s self and joined in a permanent commitment to another and to one’s inner self.

Love only endures when it moves like waves, moving gently in the moon’s own predictable harmony. Love is simply not a reflection of our soul, but of the way our soul fits with another. 

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Mount Cook Prewedding

Stella & Shawn | Connection Session | Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt Prewedding

What is affection? And how does it feel like?

Perhaps the easy way to explain is that affection feels like the way the sun sets so the moon can shine. Leaves that blush at the sight of Autumn. Dreams that show you the ways out of your maze. 

It is a curious thing. We can find it in the most unlikely of places. In a small bookshop off the beaten path brought to life by the silhouette of two heads huddled over a book.

And it can also be found in her eyes, his soul and between their holding hands.

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Hallstatt Prewedding

Zoe & Jacob | Connection Session | Labuan Bajo, Flores

Labuan Bajo Prewedding

In sweet solitude of mind, she finds peace in between his arms and in between his soft whispers. His caring shadow knows the voice of her soul very well without any contests.

And in the quiet light of the morning, he fell for the way her eyes shone when she laughed. He knows where he belongs; in her eyes, her soul and between their holding hands.

“Sitting next to you is like taking a sip of eternity, the sun, the stars, the sky, my life never tasted this good.”

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Labuan Bajo Prewedding