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Jessica & Gerson | Wedding Day | The Royal Santrian, Bali

Royal Santrian Wedding – Marriage bonds two people in body and mind, and allows them to appreciate the miracles they find. Romance and compassion carry them along, imparting words and actions of love standing side by side. Eternally being grateful they are in each other lives. Continue the adventure to the Wedding of Amelia & […]

Tania & Benson | Wedding Day | Hutan Kota By Plataran

Hutan Kota Wedding – What is done with love is done well. There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people deeply and intimately. Sentences completed, two minds with one simple thought. Laughter, tears, and silence, shared by the loving two.  “As long as forever, I will be at your side, I will be […]

Jenice & Darwin | Connection Session | Batur

Batur Prewedding – He offers his hand, his heart and a share in all of his possessions. He asks her to pass through life side by side and to be his second self & best earthly companion.  “Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the […]

Jennifer & Indra | Wedding Day | JHL Solitaire, Tangerang

JHL Solitaire Wedding – All he needs is a patch of sunlight with her in it. He finally greeted her like a long lost friend, and they carved affection as deep as the ocean.  And in the waves of change, he found his true direction. Feels like a red ribbon tying them together, eternally. Continue […]

Kathleen & Samuel | Connection Session | Bedugul Garden

Bedugul Prewedding – A seed in his mind, some tiny particle of thought that bears a remnant of her. Little by little, day by day, he finds himself thinking of her. Somewhere between the sand and the sky, through every collapse and creation, there is a pulse that echoes of them. Continue the adventure to […]