I love the wild trees, and I read books over unhealthy dose of Americano while listening to vintage jazz tunes of Chet Baker, Miles Davis. I rapidly move from one place to another for weddings and leisures, so one day I might be at the beach and the other I might be on the summit of somewhere. In other words, my life is packed inside my suitcase.


I am wedding photographer based in Bali and Jakarta, but I travel everywhere.


I personally take photography as a media to remember things, it is like a memory that will never get away but stays there infinitely.


As I journey in this wedding field, I came to a realisation of what matters the most.  And simply is to capture all of the silence and warmth of connection between both of you, it was in the small hand gestures, a tight warm hug when the winter breeze blew your skirt or even holding your hand when you were walking in the woods.


I pay a lot of attentions to those small things that we often underestimate of it’s strength of evoking our feeling.


I cannot promise you a flawless and pretty picture, but one thing for sure I am very honest with the photo I make. I hope these photos bring the good time back when you are 50!


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Indra Kantawibawa

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