If you’ve been to our journal, I bet you are familiar with faces on this post. It is Sylvia & Nanda’s Wedding.

Their wedding was held in 2 days period, one for the “Siraman” and another for the wedding itself. Being at the “Siraman” ceremony has taught me values about life, and deepens my understanding towards my traditions. Siraman is a heritage from Sunda, by which flowers and holy water are poured to the soon to be married by their parents. From the experience of being an Indonesian I have been thought that every ceremony has its sacred meaning. It is believed through conducting this sacred “Siraman,” the to be marrieds will have better fortune. That is what the old man says, but I believe the very thing that matter is parent’s blessing.

Venue: Kempinski | Wedding Organizer: Tiara Josodirdjo & Associate | Decoration: Airy Design

The wedding was another great experience for us, it was held under traditional Aceh tradition. Sylvia came out with a stunning head piece and alluring kebaya, while Nanda worn Aceh traditional outfit with its “Keris” tucked on his belt.

One of the most important things from Sylvia & Nanda’s wedding was the way how it has affected both of us. Dwie and I could really feel the emotions that the wedding brought and it leaves a beautiful mark on our heart. I always believe that when we pour our emotions into a picture, the picture would affect feeling. Don’t you think every picture has to make you feel something? affected? brought you deeper to the story?