Pine Hill Lembang Wedding

The fresh-scented pine boughs swayed above our head as we arrived at Pine Hill. The rough, dark barked trees were all around and squirrels ran up and down the trunk of the tree, chattering to each other. The crackling sound of snapped branches on our muddy shoes broke the morning’s serenity. As we entered the Pine Hill, Shelvin greeted us warmly despite the chilly dawn weather on that day. She was just about to get ready to marry the love of her life that she met 4 years ago in Shanghai. Their love journey was like a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs. Every memorable moment, every story and every adventures shaped them to be who they are now.

On the other side, Steven was just freshening up with his best groomsmen. His face was beaming with joy as he recited all of those exciting moments that he had with her ; dreaming of their next perfect vacation where the waves roll in white tipped, spreading themselves like a fine lace over the beach. All suited up in his grey tuxedo, he’s ready to meet the love of his life.

From the dog-friendly matrimony to the vintage ceremony in the middle of the pine forest, everything was indeed magical. We’re truly lucky to be able to witness the harmony of these two souls

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