New Zealand Pre Wedding

Take me home. Home? Where is home?

Home is the here and now. Home doesn’t have to be a four walls; it can be the brown eyes behind that wavy hair. It can be someone’s hand holding yours on a winter day.

It can be a rapid pulse vibrating under your fingertips.

It can be a smile under the frigid starry sky; warmed up by the bonfire, a bottle of cheap wine and ludicrous giggles.

It can be the bubbling of a creek in the middle of the woods.

It can be us, sharing the crisp morning air with our eyes intertwined.

All of our pillow talking, wrinkled pajamas, morning hair, overcooked stew, and random things about us; that is home to me.

“Look, a star!”, she said.

I replied, “I know, it’s beautiful”

She was looking at the sky and I was looking at you.

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New Zealand Pre Wedding