Japan Pre Wedding

The snow was whalebone-white and whining winds had come and gone. The unholy mixture of shale-grey clouds and pasty streaks of the skies above, left us with a sense of calmness. “Majestic” is how we would describe the wintry Japan in one word.

We started our adventure early in the port city of Osaka, where we met up with the talented Joe from Leura Film in the bustling Osaka Station to continue our journey up north to the city of Kanazawa and Shirakawago. For us, this particular trip was very special because even though this was our second trip in Japan, it was the first time that we had visited the artsy city of Kanazawa as well as the snow-capped village of Shirakawa-go. We decided to end our first night in Kanazawa by slurping on a tasty bowl of squid ink ramen, accompanied by warm laughters and great company.

As the sun shone and the dawning mist dispersed, we met with the lovely couple, Jeff and Corry, at their hotel in Kanazawa. It was too, their second time in Japan. Since they love to experiment with new outdoor activities, we decided to take a stroll along the Miyagama River as well as the Higashi Chaya-gai, with the majestic view of the old Japanese cityscape on the background. The freezing weather didn’t seem to bother them as they got lost in the moment, savouring the presence of one another.

Continuing our journey, we embarked on an once-in-a-lifetime road trip to Shirakawa-go. The drive took about two hours and the view along the way was absolutely breathtaking, where the pine tress swayed softly from side to side. We couldn’t believe our eyes as we saw the enchanting snow-covered village on the horizon, surrounded by the picturesque white mountain. We had to wear a full layers of winter clothing as the temperature hit below freezing point. It was quite challenging to take photos there as we had to walk around in the knee-deep snow. But somehow, the solid crunch on our salty winter boots against the packed road snow filled the day with a relaxing sound that made us love the wintry Shirakawa-go even more. There was no better way to end the journey with these fun and easy going couple by stuffing our hands in our pockets, curling our heads to our chest and took a deep breath of the fresh japan air.

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Japan Pre Wedding