My 10-month journey as a wedding photographer has drown me into countless amazing experience of getting to know people and ended up being a good friend. Of the many people I know, Ellen & Cornellius is exceptionally different, they are quirkily shy but i know they have that raw connection between them.

Ellen was on her sunday church routine joining the commitee, welcoming guests and greeting them with a warm smile of good morning, and Cornellius showed up with his cool and cold gaze. At first, Ellen only found him to be annoying. But you know sometime, our heart fell to the person we did not expect. This happened to both of them.

During the session, I have learned so much about being a true gentleman from Cornellius. It is about showing the utmost care to the person we care; such as hugging and rubbing her arm when it was cold. I am pretty darn sure I’ll do the same to my loved one. Their wedding is going to be during the year, and I am super stoked to be there!

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