It was a couple of months ago that I received an email from these lovely couple; Henry and Cindy. We went for our initial meeting, getting to know one another and discussing this session that we were going to have. Right away, I was amazed with their idea. They really know what they want and I am glad that it was something different that not so many people have ever thought of. It focusses on the connection instead of the majestic landscape, the gestures more than the outfit and the honest smile more than the make up.

The days we spent together during the session, the bond has grown stronger and now we are being a real good friend *at least that is what I thought of. Besides of the friendship that we have cherished, I have also learned an important value of being in a relationship; it is about waking up next to your lover, having a warm coffee and freshly baked croissant while listening to your favourite playlist!

Indra Kantawibawa

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