I remember one day when I asked my parent of her wedding album and she got it properly stored on the bookshelf, when I browsed through them it brought me back into that moment. The book was covered in dust, sewn properly, and most importantly the photo inside, it is raw.

Nothing feels greater than to touch, it is the experience of having our finger tips in contact with surface

-Indra Permana Kantawibawa-


We believe that album functions as a showcase to a set of wedding photographs. With this reason, we deliberately designed them as simple as possible. A clear white space, tidy gridding and sometime a whole page dedicated for single frame.

Ensuring that it will survives by time, we covered the album with a fine aged leather that will get better as it gets older.

We think that this is a long life gift that stays with you. From the beginning of your relationship to the time when hair gone grey and skin wrinkled.

Memory will fade, and we may not look as pretty but a thing for sure, the picture in the album remain the same and we hope it rewinds the good memory back.


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